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Hi again,

Are you new to content marketing and wondering how it works? Don’t worry. I ensure to keep our contract as professional as possible. You do not have to worry about me overpromising and underdelivering. With the information that I collect using the steps below, I am able to craft perfect pieces that can not only impress but push for action. Here are the steps I take while building a new contract:

Contact and Communications Policies

By far, the best way to reach me is by email and Facebook. I respond to all emails as quickly as possible, in most cases within 1-3 hours.

Discussion and starting the project.

To get started with a potential project, I will review and study your website, host a call with you to understand what you’ve been working on. Then I will send you a discovery questionnaire.

This is when I will be able to come up with a business plan for you and my content writing road map.

We will then schedule a business call (about 20- 30 minute,) where we will discuss the project and the right way forward. I will listen and evaluate the best time, days and manner to work with you.

Following that call, we will come up with an agreement, which we shall adhere to on the days forward.

Review my First Draft.

Depending on the project, whether sales letters, emails, or even blog posts, you will receive the first draft within a week.

For 2000-3000 word blog posts, you should expect about 3-4 days for submission. However, longer posts and sales letters, you should expect submission in 7-10 days.

After this, you should take a few days to send me a review of the first draft. Give me enough information for me to be able to begin editing your work.

Any More Changes?

If any additional changes are required, we should repeat the process until you are fully satisfied.

How to Pay for My Services

Depending on our agreement, once you approve my work I will send you an invoice for the project payment. However, in most cases, clients pay 50% of the required fee once we sign the agreements.

After the project is complete, you can then send the remaining 50% using PayPal.

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