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Do you want to start a small website for selling your service, product, or broadcasting your campaign? Are you looking for a way to do it without spending much money and time? 

Well, since you made the trip, you might as well take a cup of coffee and listen. 

Building a website is an easy task. Some people may even wonder why you are having trouble creating one.

But you and I know better, right?

  • Time: At times it can be difficult setting up a website when we’ve got a lot of tasks to do within a day. I know you want to quit your job or create a side hustle using a website, but when are you going to do it with all that work and exhaustion? Trust me; I was there.
  • Work: Figuring out that a website is what you need to start your business takes time. Figuring out the type of site to build takes more time and energy. Figuring out how to create one, and actually creating it takes another workload. That is why most people give up before they start. So, how do you beat that?

Well here is some good news…

There are simple steps to follow and establish yourself fast! 

First of all, if you want to build your website and start marketing your product in 5 days, you should not waste your time taking many courses. These will derail, sometimes confuse, you and even suppress your business.

However, with my plan, you can quickly build a website within 5 days, a business within 30 days, and start selling immediately. But you need to be consistent.

In this website, you will learn how to build your online business in four simple steps:

  1. Creating your site.
  2. Creating a social media presence.
  3. Start your Email and social media campaign.
  4. Update your prospects.

(P.S. I don’t believe in building a successful business plan in 8 days. Hurry hurry…

Plus, you also need to plan, research, and write content.)

Let’s start by building your website.

Build a website
Here is a website I am working on.

Building a website is simple. Once you make your plan, you can do it in two weeks.

I usually partition the construction process into three parts.

  1. The design.
  2. The content
  3. The blog and interlinking.

These are simple. Once you understand them it will be easy to do it yourself. But don’t pressure yourself.

They require time. Don’t just read from start to finish and go looking for other resources. Bookmark this page, make it your reference point, and once you complete step one, put a tick on your notebook and come back for step two.

So, here is what we are going to do.

In the next 13 days, I want us to create a timeframe when we shall be working on your website. You can even do it faster if you want. We will follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Design your brand.

Unlike most other people, I wouldn’t advise you to choose a domain unless you already designed your brand or want to move your offline business online.

A brand needs to be represented by your website theme, colour, and even the text on the website.

To design your brand effectively, you must research your audience and define your tone.

So, within the next few days, take some time to see how your competitors have established themselves. Look at the following features.

  1. Their color schemes.
  2. The brand tone.
  3. Their interaction with their audience. 
  4. And the themes on their websites. Check the most prevalent.

In this step you need to completely understand your competitors and find their weaknesses, where you should strike.

After that choose your main focus; this should be based on your unique feature and benefit. Pick a domain that will highlight the central message of your website, and you are good to go.

Step 2: The content.

The next step is to research your audience. Find:

  1. Their passion,
  2. Their problems with other products.
  3. And the common terms and language that they use.

This should help you figure out the writing style best fit for your website. It should also determine the domain that you choose. For instance, sounds fit for cool watches.

Take time to figure out the domain that best fits your audience.

You need a domain that depicts your business and a theme that resonates with it. A domain should help your readers interested and intrigued. Mainly since it is a word or two holding a great message.


Setup your website and select the perfect theme based on how you analyzed your competitors. It is good to also note the number of products you have compared to them. Design it perfectly, then hire someone to create your logo and website icon.

After that, write quality pages to fill in the blanks, and ensure that your readers can easily navigate through your them easily.

Step 3: Blogging and interlinking.

After constructing your website structure, it’s time to ensure that search Engines can easily navigate through it as well.

Of course, you know that websites don’t click links. Instead, they follow them, just like routes.

So, to ensure that Search Engines rank your website you need to place a definite route that they can follow through your pages.

Typically, they start from the homepage, which in this case will be like the sample I gave above. Place a link to another page there. Ensure that the link is high up the page, they always rank the first link higher.

Here’s how they work:


But ensure that the anchor text for the link makes a complete and sensible sentence, and it is not click bait.

Do the same for all your pages.

Now you can start updating your blog content. Here, you only need to fill your website with content that is attractive and engaging. Don’t target Search Engines, target your audience.

Congratulations on your website! Now you can start marketing.

Need help building one?

Sometimes doing all these alone can seem tiring and boring. At times you need someone to help you understand the concept, or do it faster. At times you just can’t beat your schedule. Then you can hire someone to help you; that is why people hire us, by the way, not because they are very rich.

Now, I know every business contract requires friendship. But you already know me. So I don’t need to introduce myself again. Instead, let me give you a tutorial of…

What I am going to do for you.

In the next few days, I will work with you one-on-one on Skype, WhatsApp, on my Facebook Page, or even on Email, to build the perfect website that you picture in your mind.

This is not a fancy theme selection party. I want to help you figure the right website design for you based on the content.

Here’s what I plan to do for you:

  • Help you select your domain.
  • Choose the best theme for you.
  • Design the theme and get someone working on your logo.
  • Write professional or conversational webpages for you. (By this time you will have identified your desired tone)
  • Write your first blog posts to ensure an even tone

If this is what you want, fill my short questionnaire, and let’s talk.

I normally charge $400 to build a full website plus the social media presence. 

But don’t worry. 

I have a wonderful offer exclusive to those who contact me through my website. I will deliver the full package to you, plus more…

For only $150. Offer valid until December 31, 2018.

Let’s Get Started Right Now and Start Growing Your Business!

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