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S.E.O. Copywriting: Build a spectacular online business on organic traffic only.


Looking for ways to harness the online traffic and convert them into sales through your blog? Do you have a business that you want to rank high on the search engines? Then S.E.O copywriting is what you need. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the new trend in online marketing since 2004 when Google hit the marketplace. Now googling is a verb.

However, armature websites and blog owners, who want to gain the results faster and earn from Ad accounts, are stuffing keywords and spinning content to get ahead of you. If you choose to go down this route, you won’t go far. You will lose both ranking and customers.

Let me tell you a secret: the updated Searchbots look for both the keyword density and the traffic. The best way to beat the competition and reduce the bounce rate on your website is through SEO copywriting.

Copywriting is writing content that compels people to buy or take action. In your case, you need to ensure leads buy your products or subscribe to your mailing list.  The better you are at this without being too ‘clickbaity,’ the longer your readers will stay on your website and therefore the Google ranking.

How to mix the two flawlessly.

S.E.O copywriting involves a lot. However, if you are passionate about it, it can be very fruitful. It becomes easy to earn prospects, nature them, and turn them into leads. Starting from the navigation menu, the front page, even to the button colors… everything needs to be well organized.

Here are the things to pay attention to while writing S.E.O. Copy:

  1. Titles and Meta description tags.
  2. Analyzing a websites S.E.O using S.E.O tools.
  3. Keyword research and analysis.
  4. Writing the copy.
  5. Infographics and case studies.
  6. And increasing your Email subscriptions to increase backlinks. (P/S don’t buy backlinks.)

How can I help?

Within a month, I can build you a website from top to bottom. If you have not selected a domain for your website yet, that is okay; and if you already have one, and a website ready, I can edit your website copy and ensure you are up to standards to compete with the big fish.

I provide the package on a monthly basis. I will improve your web copy, create an easy-to-navigate sitemap, and then write all the pages for you to ensure they are S.E.O friendly. If you want, I can also help you write content for your blog.

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