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Hi again,

Want to know my weird story of successes and failures? I used to have many ideas, which I knew were perfect and could earn me a lot of money, but no matter how much I planned, I didn’t seem to get things done.

Let me tell you the story. It’s an entertaining one; full of success and failures (well, mostly failures) but we are still working on getting “there.”

Here’s the story…

When I started off, I did not have a clue about how people made money on the internet; but that’s what I wanted to do. I did not have a product, service, or any other material to sell. In fact, I did not want to sell anything, I wanted to make money just like that.

I started with surveys, content writing, and even affiliate marketing. However, my common cause for failure was because I was not consistent with one method. I worked on particular products for a week, deleted the content, and started marketing another; and the cycle continued.

I later figured that it was because I was not confident about what I was working on, and I did not have immediate customers to advise the products to.

After 3 years of writing new content and deleting others, I got lucky. A friend offered me a gig to write…

That’s when my eyes opened.

I finally had my “Oh, Shit!” moment.

What we are about…

Things were never the same from that point. I realized that I needed to learn online sales and that I needed to do it in the most professional way for me to make any sales.

If you are not using video sales letters to make sales, then you better put some words on your website! People buy from words, not graphics.

By Anonymous.

The greatest lesson that I learned was not that I was lazy and disorganized, which I was at the time; it was that it is tough to turn ideas into reality. A lot of planning is involved, strategizing, and the hardest part; work!

See, many online entrepreneurs have an incredibly ingenious idea, which they work every day to bring to life. However, just like me most of them do not make significant steps after a long time planning.

This becomes very frustrating and at times intimidating, especially if other ventures are breaking down one after another.

It is what used to happen to me, anyway.
I literally started here.

Therefore, my goal is to help online business startups and content creators, like you, establish their online presence without spending much time or money.

The Breakthrough…

There are no complex formulae for online success. You just need a product, a marketing channel, and an effective marketing campaign.

An effective marketing campaign only requires a person to understand their audience and building trust.

…. This is easier said than done.

For guaranteed success, you can either choose someone to help you realize your dream, or work your arse off! This requires determination, timing yourself, and, ultimately, training yourself to work without expecting quick returns.

The greatest wish that you will get as you progress is to somewhat duplicate yourself and work on your many channels at a go. And you can! However, you need to be strict as you hire someone. 

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